GoodThinks is an independent and interdisciplinary think tank.

We want to develop smart ways to do good by utilizing technology and investment capital in an efficient manner.

What concerns us?

We are taking both ethical and philosophical questions into account – such as “What does it even mean to do good?” – as well as evaluating the effectiveness of existing approaches, organizations, or projects.

In the coming years, we will develop smart and innovative concepts, organizations, and products that seek to solve the most important and urgent problems facing humanity and our planet.

We are diving headfirst into the problems of our time as well as the various approaches to counter them. In doing so, we use the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations as a guiding framework.

How we work

While exploring these topics, we identify the core areas and means through which we can contribute the most to the betterment of our world.

Our aim is not to work “in the field”, but to discover how to have the largest possible impact by partnering with likeminded individuals or organizations, funding existing projects, or launching our own products.

Through our expansive network as well as frequent visits to conferences, we have gained a fundamental understanding of the established solutions and the current state of innovation and development.

Who are we working with?

Our core team consists of political scientists, sociologists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We are supported by external consultants and partnering companies active in social business.

In order to answer the (many!) questions arising out of our daily work, we rely on the support of experts in the various fields of study.

We are very happy that several established Social Entrepreneurs have already decided to support our mission and team.

Carsten Hermann-Hehl
Good Impact Berlin


David Diallo
enorm Magazin Hamburg


Roman Risken
Impact Hub Munich


Nils Dreyer
Hilfswerft Bremen

We purposefully chose to work with universities and scientists from around the world in order to develop a comprehensive perspective of the current global challenges.

Contact Persons

Lena Ohlig

Project Manager

Lena is the “Ground Control” of GoodThinks, she is gathering all the loose threads. Her responsibilities include editing, conception and project organization.


Daniel Pecher


Daniel maintains the overview as “Chief Mindmapper”. He accompanies GoodThinks as moderator, organizational developer and idea generator.


Dirk Schwartz

Managing Director

Dirk is the founder and investor behind GoodThinks and “Leader of the Pack”. He has been active in the internet business as a serial entrepreneur for the last 20 years.



If you feel that we could benefit from your expertise and experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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